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A lot is the organizing unit of all auctions. It may include a single bottle, a bottle and case, or any combination of bottles and bottle sizes of a particular wine, or may be made up of a combination of different wines.

Estimate $/Btl
Expected price range that a lot is expected to fetch for. This is based on recongized source and global wine index. It is provided as a guide to help with your bidding.

Placing a bid is making an offer for a determined amount of money for a specific lot during an auction. All bids with eTrade Wine are per bottle (Unless another format is stated).

Current Bid
Is the LOWEST bid for a lot in real time.

Passed In
A lot will be 'Passed In' when  no bid is placed in that certain Lot.

Seller Reserve
The Reserve is the minimum price at which the lot will be sold. Reserves are confidential and not published.

Buyers Premium
The Buyer's Premium is eTrade Wine charge on the wine you buy. It is added to all successful bids at the close of an auction. You only pay the Buyer's Premium if you are the successful bidder.

Sellers Premium
The amount paid by the seller to eTrade Wine on the sale of wine through eTrade Wine.

Hammer Price
The Price successfully bid for and to be paid by the buyer for a lot sold at auction.

Sometimes described as the 'fill level', ullage is the term used to describe the level of wine in a bottle and is one way of assessing the condition of a wine.
The loss of wine from a bottle happens through evaporation and occurs naturally over time. The ullage level of a bottle can give insight as to the type of care and storage condition that the wine has been kept in.


Within Neck

The normal level of young wine

Bottom Neck

Completely acceptable for any age of wine

Very Top Shoulder

Good level for a wine of any age. Standard ullage for recent or older wines. For wines 10 years of age or older, indicates perfect storage conditions

Top Shoulder

Acceptable for any wine over 15 years old

High Shoulder

Acceptable level for red Bordeaux wines around 20 years old

Mid Shoulder

Acceptable for wine over 25 years old. Good for wine over 40 years old. Minor natural loss through the cork and/or evaporation through cork and capsule

Low Shoulder

Bad level for investment wines. Usually indicates deterioration of the cork. Increased risk.



Abbreviated names of wine critics and wine publications which often accompany a wine name along with their ratings:


RP – Robert Parker.
WS – Wine Spectator.
BH – Allen Meadows' Burghound.
WA – Wine Advocate.
JR – Jancis Robinson.