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Current Wine Auction

1. How can I submit my bid?

1. Enjoy browsing in Current Auction, and searching by keyword or through Advanced Search.  


2. We have pre-set the bid increment for each lot.  Simply click "Bid Now" to submit your bid.  


3. Confirm your bid by authorizing the refundable deposit transaction through PayPal.

2. How much Buyer's Premium do I have to pay?

We do charge  Buyer's Premium 10% includes PayPal surcharge for successful bid payment.

3. How do I know if I win a bid?

When you win a bid, you will receive an email notification.  You can also view your successful bids in Bid History.

4. Is there any bottom price?

Yes.  There is a bottom price set for each lot by the seller.  The "Seller Reserve" will be agreed upon before listing.

5. 7-day return guarantee (Optional)

In addition, we provide 7-day return guarantee at a charge of 1.5% top-up on Buyer’s Premium rate. This is opitonal service you could choose in Check Out after you won the item. We will refund and take back the Lot if you do not satisy its quality. However, the Lot & label must not be damaged in any causes.


All items are non refundable nor returnable after the auction time is ended or completed. If you have a doubt on your received wine, please contact us at

6. How do I pay and collect my wines?

Upon bid submission, you will be asked to authorize a full amount refundable deposit transaction.  If you are the successful bidder, deposit will be deducted from your PayPal/ credit card account as payment.  


You can either collect your wines from our cellar or store them in our cellar for 3 months free of charge.

7. How can I consign my wines to put on sale at auction?

1.Submit your wine list in Consign Your Wine.  Send us photos of your wines (front label, bottle shot, and top of the foil) by email or whatsapp/ wechat for initial valuation.  We will then advise estimate and suggested "Seller Reserve".  


2. We will valuate your wines based on renowned global wine index and suggest an attractive market price to get your wines sold quickly. 


3.After you agree to consign your wines via eTrade Wine, your wine will be listed in our auction several times until it is sold or when you decide to withdraw (conditions apply).  


4. Within 2 working days after lot sold and auction ends, we will collect the wines from you.  Our professional consignment team will carefully inspect the wines and take bottle shots for record.

8. Do I have to pay any fee for valuation and listing?

Valuation and listing are free of charge.  We also do not charge any Seller's Commission.  Consignors will be responsible for cost of delivery in cases when the wines are to be returned due to rejection by eTrade Wine or withdrawal by consignor.

9. How do I get the payment after my wines are sold?

You will receive the payment in 10 business days.  After a lot is sold and there is no complaint in the following 7 days, we will arrange the money to you by bank transfer or cheque by registered mail.