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Wine Auction Anytime and Anywhere



We strive for excellence in services, such as:


  • Inspection of all consigned wines before Delivery
  • Providing quick responses to all enquiries
  • Transparent valuation system by taking reference to wine market index and public wine price information
  • Secured online payment powered by PayPal



Service Pledge


eTrade Wine is committed to providing wine lovers a trustworthy platform to buy/ sell wines at fair prices. Through this marketplace, everyone can find the wines that one prefers and enjoys easily. In order to bring the best to both buyers and sellers, we offer a total customer experience and any possible support to our valued customers.




1. Appraisal to safeguard the quality of wines


Compulsory inspection is required for all wines to consign by consignors. Only wines in acceptable condition will be allowed to be put up for auction. If we have any doubts in any wine, we will not delivery and forfeit the sale on certain item.




2. 7-Day Return Guarantee


Buyers can return the purchased wines to us, if they are not satisfied with the quality of that lot. All return shall be made within 7 days after the wines are sold. Buyers who wish to enjoy this guarantee service will be charged at a 1.5% upon purchase.




3. Secured payment system powered by PayPal Public Photos / Files - paypal


Our payment process is powered by PayPal, which provides Purchase Protection measures to minimize your risk of fraud.




4. Transparent valuation system and auction result recordkeeping


The market price estimates of the wine are based on up-to-date wine market index or other public sources of price information, bringing our customers a transparent valuation system. We also keep records of auction results through eTrade Wine for registered members to review.




5. Local office to take care of customers


Our Hong Kong-based team at local office is committed to providing quick responses to enquiries from our valued customers.




6. User-friendly online auction system


We have designed a simple-to-use online auction system to bring our customers a broad selection of quality fine wines with just a few clicks away.